About us

We offer extensive medical Tests to our patients.

The laboratory was founded Munsifganga in 06.10.2002 a small modest organization in the premises of of a house owned by the Duttas at Munsifdanga .The prime target was to provide advanced and reliable pathological tests at reasonable tests .At that time Pathology was in very primitive stage in Purulia .The existing laboratories provided only simple tests of urine ,stool ,sputum .FNACs and biopsies were sparsely heard of .Only one organization used to collect samples of FNACs and biopsies and outsource it to Kolkata .It took 7-10 days for a FNAC report ,biosies needed 15-20 days .As no MD pathology was posted in the District ,standards of reporting at a primitive state . Aviskar Diagnostic became the pioneer and leading Centre and earned the confidence of the existing practitioners. FNAC reports was delivered in the same day .Treatment could be started immediately..In very little time Aviskar gaiined the status of no one in the District.The proprietor realized the necessity of expansion and development .A new preimse was procured at the basement of Kreeng Residency ,Huchukpara and a modernized centre was set up on 2003.